The Future of Journalism

How citizens understand and perceive political issues through media and journalism is one of the key questions of political communication research. Our team's work takes a multi-dimensional approach to studying the changes journalism is experiencing globally. New technologies such as virtual reality offer opportunities to make story-telling more immersive. At the same time, advanced digital disinformation in the form of deepfakes is challenging fact-checking strategies of journalists. In the acute climate crisis, journalists must have constructive mechanisms for accountability and balance. Ultimately, this affects audiences, who are evolving their news-engagement amid these myriad challenges.

Participating Researchers

Hannah Greber

Melanie Haberl

Dominik Hokamp

Svenja Schäfer

Teresa Weikmann

Recent Research

  • Schäfer, S., Greber, H., Sülflow, M., & Lecheler, S. (2021). Communicating a crisis: Potentials and risks of restorative narratives. Presentation at ECPR General Conference, 30. August - 3. September 2021 (Virtual Conference).
  • Greber, H., Lecheler, S., & Aaldering, L. (2021, September). Putting the audience back into audience- centered journalism: The worthwhileness of immersive journalism. Presentation at the 2021 Future of Journalism Conference, (Cardiff / online).