Members of the Political Communication Research Group study the interaction between political elites, media, and citizens. We are specifically interested in understanding how and under which conditions political elites communicate with citizens, what role media organizations and journalists play in the political communication process, and how citizens process elite and journalistic communication. We use a variety of qualitative and quantitative social research methods to develop and test theories that help understand the quality of political communication in democracies today.

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Hossein Kermani, together with Fatemeh Rasouli, published his paper entitled "Protesting is Not Everything: Twitter Use During Electoral Events in...


Teresa Weikmann, together with Sophie Lecheler, published her paper on "Visual disinformation in a digital age: A literature synthesis and research...


Jana Laura Egelhofer won the award for her outstanding thesis entitled “I don’t like it – let’s call it ‘fake’ – The content and consequences of the...


Hossein Kermani, together with Niloofar Hooman published their article "Hashtag feminism in a blocked context: The mechanisms of unfolding and...


The new paper by Jana Laura Egelhofer, Sophie Lecheler, Ming Boyer and Loes Aaldering was published in the Journal of Communication! Congratulations!


Sophie Lecheler, together with her colleagues Sanne Kruikemeier and Rens Vliegenthart published their article "What is holding us back? We should be...


Jana Egelhofer was awarded the “Staatspreis für die besten Dissertationen” (Award of Excellence) for her outstanding doctoral thesis entitled “I don’t...


Then Political Communication research group let by Sophie Lecheler was visited by the Science magazine of the University of Vienna - find out more...


Did you come across online news today that you liked? If yes, please participate in “The Good News Project”


Sophie Lecheler has been elected into the pan-European Academy of Humanities, Letters, Law, and Sciences (Academia Europaea). Congratulations!


We are excited to welcome Sanne Kruikemeier and Xiaotong Chu, who are visiting researchers in our PolCom Team in Vienna!


Vera Axyonova, together with her colleagues Florian Kohstall and Carola Richter, published their co-edited volume open-access.