Members of the Political Communication Research Group study the interaction between political elites, media, and citizens. We are specifically interested in understanding how and under which conditions political elites communicate with citizens, what role media organizations and journalists play in the political communication process, and how citizens process elite and journalistic communication. We use a variety of qualitative and quantitative social research methods to develop and test theories that help understand the quality of political communication in democracies today.

News & Events

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Topic: Comparative perspectives on negativity, incivility, and toxic talk in political discussions; Application deadline: January 2021


Svenja Schäfer, together with her colleagues Christian Schemer, Philipp K Masur, Stefan Geiß and Philipp Müller, has published a new article in the...


Sophie Minihold, together with Michael Hameleers from the University of Amsterdam, published a new article in Communication Research. Congratulations!


As part of the NORFACE Governance Research Project, Sophie Minihold started her joint Ph.D program with Sophie Lecheler in December. Welcome!


A new study by Ming Boyer, Loes Aaldering and Sophie Lecheler got published in Political Studies! Congratulations!


We are excited to announce that Teresa Elena Weikmann will join our team in 2021 as a PhD student with her dissertation project: "Getting real with...


The full and growing PolCom team moved form UZA to our new building: Kolingasse 14 - 16, 1090 Vienna.


We are excited to welcome Svenja Schäfer in our team! In her Post-Doc position Svenja Schäfer will support our team with her experience in digital...


Jana Laura Egelhofer talked to the magazine "Medium" about the inflationary use of the term "Fake News", and provided practical tips on how to improve...


Sophie Lecheler was appointed to the editorial board of the journal Political Communication. Congratulations!


Sophie Lecheler was invited to speak at the Podcast "Nur in Wien" by Kurier about pop-up culture and politics.


Sophie Lecheler became the Director of Studies at the Vienna Doctoral School of Social Sciences (ViDSS). Congratulations!


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