Sophie Lecheler and Jana Laura Egelhofer wrote a book chapter for "The Routledge Companion to Media Disinformation and Populism" on "the consumption...


Sophie Lecheler has been awarded a grant to fulfil the position of Scientific Programme Coordinator (SPC) within the NORFACE funding programme on...


The book "News Framing Effects“ by Sophie Lecheler and Claes de Vreese has just been released as an open access publication - donwload it now!


Ming Boyer and Loes Aaldering wrote a blog post about their recent publication on the influence of societal status on motivated reasoning.


Sophie Lecheler was interviewed for the series kulturMontag by ORF and talked about the role of social media, freedom of opinion and political...


Topic: Comparative perspectives on negativity, incivility, and toxic talk in political discussions; Application deadline: January 2021


Svenja Schäfer received the 2020 Research Award of the Department of Communciation for a study on "Hate Speech as a fuel for social disintegration?" -...


Svenja Schäfer, together with her colleagues Christian Schemer, Philipp K Masur, Stefan Geiß and Philipp Müller, has published a new article in the...


Sophie Minihold, together with Michael Hameleers from the University of Amsterdam, published a new article in Communication Research. Congratulations!


As part of the NORFACE Governance Research Project, Sophie Minihold started her joint Ph.D program with Sophie Lecheler in December. Welcome!


A new study by Ming Boyer, Loes Aaldering and Sophie Lecheler got published in Political Studies! Congratulations!


We are excited to announce that Teresa Elena Weikmann will join our team in 2021 as a PhD student with her dissertation project: "Getting real with...