ICA Conference 2021


Our team is presenting presentations on the "fake news" label, immersive journalism and effects of misogynistic advertisement at the International Communication Association Conference 2021.

Members of our team were involved in a number of research projects, which are presented at the online ICA conference in 2021.

What Difference Does a Word Make? The Effects of Implicit and Explicit “Fake News” Accusations on Perceptions of News Media, Issues and the Accusing Politician
Jana Egelhofer, Ming Boyer, Sophie Lecheler & Loes Aaldering

Feeling the News? The Differential Effects of Immersive Journalism on Emotional Response
Hannah Greber, Sophie Lecheler, Loes AalderingYael de HaanSanne KruikemeierKiki de Bruin & Nele Goutier 

Effects of Misogynistic Advertisements and Reporting About Sexual Harassment on Victim Blaming
Michaela Forrai, Melanie Saumer, Anna Carolina Kemetmüller, Kim Pamina Syed Ali & Sophie Lecheler