Conference! Conference! Conference!


The members of the PolCom Team have been presenting their work on a number of international conferences in September. Here you can find an overview of the presentations and an insight into what the team members are currently working on.


  • Axyonova, V. (2021, August). Expert Knowledge in Times of Crisis – Uncovering Interaction Effects between Think Tanks, Media and Politics beyond Liberal Democracies. Presentation at the ECPR General Conference 2021.
  • Axyonova, V. (2021, September). International Perspectives on Expert Knowledge in (Times of) Crisis. Panel Organizer, Online-Kongress der Deutschen Vereinigung für Politikwissenschaft.
  • Betakova, D., Boomgaarden, H., Lecheler, S., Schäfer, S., Aaldering, L. (2021, September). I Do Not (Want to) Know! An Empirical Investigation of the Relationship Between Unintentional and Intentional News Avoidance and Their Predictors. Presentation at the (virtual) 2021 Conference of The International Journal of Press/Politics, September 13-16.
  • Boyer, M.M. (2021, September). Symbols of Threat: Exposure to Nativist Parties in Election Campaigns Alienates Minorities.  Presentation at the Annual meeting of the American Political Science Association 2021 (Hybrid Seattle, WA, USA / online).
  • Egelhofer, J. L. (2021, September). A Crisis of Trust for Authoritative Information Sources: The Effects of Politicians’ Disinformation Accusations on Perceptions of Science and Media. Presentation at the 28. Kongress der Deutschen Vereinigung für Politikwissenschaft (DVPW).
  • Greber, H., Lecheler, S., & Aaldering, L. (2021, September). Putting the audience back into audience- centered journalism: The worthwhileness of immersive journalism. Presentation at the 2021 Future of Journalism Conference, (Cardiff / online).
  • Greber, H., Lecheler, S., Aaldering, L., de Haan, Y., Kruikemeier, S., Goutier, N., & De Bruin, K. (2021, September). Die Wahrnehmung von immersivem Journalismus. Presentation at the 2021 Jahrestagung der DGPuK-Fachgruppe Journalistik / Journalismusforschung, Universität der Bundeswehr München 
  • Kermani, H. (2021, September). Using computational and qualitative methods to analyze Covid-19 frames on Iranian Twittersphere. 2021 Conference of the German Communication Association’s Methods Division, (virtual event), September 30-October 1, 2021.
  • Kermani, H. and Hooman, N. (2021, October). How a connective action is disrupted in restrictive contexts? The case of dismantling #rape on Persian Twitter. Paper presented at AoIR 2021: The 22nd Annual Conference of the Association of Internet Researchers. Virtual Event: AoIR. Retrieved from
  • Minihold, S., Lecheler, S., de Vreese, C., Kruikemeier, S. (2021, September). Exploring Digital Campaign Competence. The Role of Knowledge in Data-Driven Election Campaigns. Presentation at the (virtual) 2021 Conference of The International Journal of Press/Politics, September 13-16.
  • Schäfer S., Rebasso, I., Planitzer, A.M. & Boyer, M.M. (2021, September). Hate Speech as Fuel for Stereotype Polarization: Differential Effects of Online Hate Speech and Counter Speech. Presentation at the Political Communication Preconference of the Annual meeting of the American Political Science Association 2021 (Hybrid Seattle, WA, USA / online).
  • Weikmann, T. & Lecheler, S. (2021, September). Visual disinformation in a digital age: A literature synthesis and research agenda. Presentation at the (virtual) 2021 Conference of The International Journal of Press/Politics, September 13-16.


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