Sophie Minihold, MSc

Universitätsassistentin (Prae-Doc)

Main Research Areas and Interests

  • Persuasive political communication
  • Political microtargeting
  • Data-driven election campaigns
  • Effects on voters

Sophie Minihold is a joint-PhD candidate at the Political Communication Research Group in Vienna and at the University of Amsterdam. Her PhD is supervised by Prof. dr. Sophie Lecheler (University of Vienna), Dr. Sanne Kruikemeier and Prof. dr. Claes de Vreese (both University of Amsterdam).
She is part of the NORFACE Governance Research Project DATADRIVEN. In her cumulative dissertation project titled Digital Campaign Competence: The Role of Voters in Data-Driven Election Campaigns, she aims to generate new insights on voter competencies needed to contextualize political information conveyed in data-driven election campaigns. She specifically looks at the consequences of data-driven political online targeting for voters.
She holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of Vienna and a research master’s degree from the University of Amsterdam. She previously worked as a tutorial lecturer at the Communication Science Department at the University of Amsterdam where she taught various courses such as Methods of Communication Science and Statistics, Qualitative Research, Survey Design and Persuasive Communication.


Kolingasse 14, 1090 Wien


Recent Publications

Peer-Reviewed Articles

  • Hameleers, M., & Minihold, S. (2020). Constructing Discourses on (Un)truthfulness: Attributions of Reality, Misinformation, and Disinformation by Politicians in a Comparative Social Media Setting. Communication Research


  • Minihold, S., Lecheler, S., de Vreese, C., Kruikemeier, S. (2021, September). Exploring Digital Campaign Competence. The Role of Knowledge in Data-Driven Election Campaigns. Presentation at the (virtual) 2021 Conference of The International Journal of Press/Politics, September 13-16.