Mag. Tanja Kiennast Bakk.

Mag. Tanja Kiennast Bakk.

PhD candidate

Main Research Areas and Interests

  • Historical media and communication research
  • Journalism
  • New information and communication technologies


Tanja Kiennast is a PhD Candidate at the Communication Science Department of the University of Vienna. Her main research topics include historical media and communication research and journalism, for instance the continuity and change in campaign communication in Austria.
In her PhD project, Tanja Kiennast researches media and responsibility in times of the climate crisis. She is interested in the tension between climate-friendly behaviour and standards of living, the role media play with reference to responsibility for the anthropogenic climate crisis, how responsibility is addressed by journalists in the media and how responsibility is perceived by people themselves.

Tanja Kiennast teaches various courses in the Bachelor Communication Science like Kommunikationsforschung, Qualitative Methoden and Forschungspraxis. She is also a member of the Studienkonferenz Doktorat Sozialwissenschaften der Universität Wien.