Dr. Jana Laura Egelhofer

Dr. Jana Laura Egelhofer

Universitätsassistentin (Post-Doc)

Main Research Areas and Interests

  • Mis- and disinformation
  • Political elite media criticism
  • Media perceptions
  • Anti-science discourse

Jana Laura Egelhofer was a PhD and Post-Doctoral researcher at the Department of Communication of the University of Vienna. She worked in the Political Communication Research Group, chaired by Prof. Dr. Sophie Lecheler. Her main research topics included mis- and disinformation, political elite media criticism, media perceptions, and anti-science discourse. She defended her thesis with distinction on the 15.12.2021. 

In her dissertation (completed December 2021 with distinction), Jana Laura Egelhofer investigated how the ‘fake news’ term has been instrumentalized by politicians in order to discredit critical news outlets, how this and other incidents of media criticism affect citizens’ media perceptions.

Jana then worked in the Scientific Programme Coordination of the interdisciplinary research program “GOVERNANCE – Democratic governance in a turbulent age” (funded by NORFACE).#

From December 2022 on Jana Laura Egelhofer works at the Munich Science Communication Lab of the Department of Media and Communication of the Ludwigs-Maximilians University Munich. 

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